Cloudskeyes (CKS) is a Toulouse-based start-up founded in 2022 and specialising in autonomous nano-drones that can fly in swarms. They can be used for dual (civil/tactical) surveillance, inspection and reconnaissance missions in real time forest fire detection, search and rescue, security/safety and industrial and MTO inspections.

Its members bring together expertise in hardware, IT/cyber and avionics (proprietary solutions) with nearly 25 years’ experience in the aerospace industry in payloads and missions. Also long-distance remote pilots, they have accumulated many hours of hours of flight experience in a variety of operations.

Cloudskeyes also draws on its regulatory expertise. With members from air and drone programmes, they have put their experience and know-how directly into practice in electronics, automatic piloting, complex trajectories, communications, integration and to build a unique and proprietary industrial solution.
This solution has been in continuous development for 2 years with operators and surveillance experts, and requires a high level of integration and development in both avionics and IT.

It requires a wide range of expertise that is implemented in a totally autonomous way:

  • Payload/sensor integration (optical, thermal)
  • Airborne capture and imaging
  • Data compression
  • C2 transmission chain (video/detection) via different communication infrastructures: RLOS antenna system
  • Command, control and supervision platform accessible as SaaS or deployable locally
  • Artificial intelligence

Highly transportable and adaptable, our concept is designed and thinked to face a high intensity engagement.